Man vs Word simplifies your business writing to engage your readers.

I'm Alan Taylor and I'm the person behind Man vs Word. Why Man vs Word? Because people use more words than they need to get their point across; at the risk of confusing the reader.

I remove jargon from your writing and rewrite it in plain language. Then I edit it for flow while keeping it true to your brand's voice.

The result is writing that not only amplifies your message, but showcases your business.

And it started 20 years ago, on an IT support desk

I was astounded by the industry jargon callers were expected to understand. Calls were long and frustrated both them and the service desk staff.

And it wasn't just speech

The jargon infiltrated every communication from email to documentation. Email exchanges became volatile because writing lacked clarity.

What I noticed

On the flipside, I found my calls were shorter if I spoke to the customers in language they understood. And their frustration levels dropped.

My next task was creating email templates and documentation to send to callers. I compiled them into a knowledge base and gave my team access.

I did this for every team I worked with. And it benefited every team I worked with.

Calls were quicker, and with clear documentation, email exchanges decreased.

The message needs to be clear

Writing clearly allows the reader to focus on the message and not the writing.

Don't hesitate if you want your message to be understood - first time.