Your IT business is good, but it could be better

You're proud of your IT business. You've built your client list from nothing and you're feeling pretty good. But getting clients has been hard and you aren't sure why.

That's where Man vs Word can help. At this stage, you may be asking why I called my business Man vs Word. I'll get to that, but first let me ask you a question.

Do people visit your website but not stick around?

Your website is polished. Professional. Peerless. 

You've done everything right. Your page shows up on the first page of Google search and your stats show that people are visiting.

But, while they visit, they move on just as quickly, not even viewing your services page to see how you can help.

Here's what's wrong...

Only your competitors will understand the industry jargon and acronyms on your website. And you alienate the very people you want to reach...the people who have the problems and don't know how to fix them.
I know you don't do it on purpose. As an IT professional for 20 years, I know the language you use becomes automatic.

Here's how to fix it

Simplify the writing on your pages so your visitors can understand the benefits you offer. Speak to them in their language. People don't need to know language you use within your industry. Just like you don't need to know theirs.

At Man vs Word, I specialise in IT writing that makes it easy for your market to understand. Because when they understand you have solutions, they'll ask you to fix their problems.

In fact, I love taking any kind of technical writing and helping your customers understand it - first time. Man vs Word is about knocking out those words that only people in your industry understand. To broaden your appeal to the decision makers.

So contact me and let's make 2017 your year of expansion.